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Buying bitcoin has never been easier. Using one of our DigitalCash2Go ATMs allows you to insert cash and purchase the desired amount of Bitcoin in a blink of an eye. Bitcoin gets simultaneously transferred to your wallet, and your transaction is complete.

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Instead of trading cryptocurrency from your home or an office, you can now buy Bitcoin on several locations across Illinois and Arizona, using one of our DigitalCash2Go Bitcoin ATMs. It’s as simple as using a traditional ATM and even more secure thanks to blockchain technology. Provided you keep your digital wallet key private, there’s no worry about your transactions getting tracked.

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Digital Cash 2 Go is expanding rapidly,and
we are actively seeking new locations to host
our Bitcoin ATMs. If you own or manage a
storefront business, contact us about hosting
our Bitcoin ATM. Its a great way to add
passive revenue stream to your business.

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Considering that Bitcoin is powered by blockchain technology, you may rest assured that your transactions using the DigitalCash2Go ATMs will be completely safe and secure. The ATM is not connected to a bank account, and the transaction ends with the exchange. Unless someone else has your digital wallet key, you don’t need to be concerned about using the DigitalCash2Go Bitcoin ATMs.

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